Atlantic Theaters Cinema Marketing

Reel Entertainment. Real Results.

Have you ever watched a movie at the Movies at Midway?  We can guarantee your current and potential customers have! Atlantic Theaters is the only major Cineplex between Dover, Delaware and Ocean City, Maryland. You simply can't reach a more dedicated and complete Sussex County and tourist demographic.

"Our customer surveys show that our response from advertising on the theaters alone was better than all other advertising media we used, combined." - Johan Poulsen, Valhalla, Rehoboth Beach

Prior to each showing, hi-definition quality advertisements are projected on to each BIG screen to a relaxed, receptive audience. Unlike a newspaper or magazine advertisement that can be quickly passed over, our advertisers are seen front and center by a completely captive audience. With nearly ½ million patrons each year, Atlantic Theaters provides a cost effective means of reaching potential customers who fit your demographics. Here is your opportunity to display your ad to both local residents of Sussex County and to the many devoted tourists looking for your services.

·        Hi-definition quality advertising you can’t get anywhere else!

·        Affordable, wide-reach vehicle

·        Ideal for geographic targeting

·        66% recall - nearly three times traditional media

·        Devoted Sussex County demographic

·        Your slides in all 13 auditoriums

·        High message frequency: multiple ads prior to each movie, seven days a week

·        Nearly 1/2 million patrons annually

·        Reaches desirable moviegoers: educated, with high disposable incomes

Please feel free to call our marketing team at (302) 644-7222 if you would like to discuss this opportunity further.


Slide Examples

Just a small sampling of what our design team can put together for your business (click to enlarge):